Re-using parameters from one copter on another copter

I have multiple custom built quad and hexacopters. Is it possible to tune the program to one quad and download that data to transfer to other aircraft?

Hi Robby,
it is possible to save the profile settings and load it back at a later stage.
However, it is a bad idea transferring that to other drones as they are most likely not exactly alike. Even if you have the exact same build drone, you will still have slightly different aligned FC, may have slight difference in frame (I.e. motor positioning not straight),…and there are other issues like wiring done differently causing different levels of magnetic interference.
So whilst it may seem a good idea to copy such a profile file across it can end up rather badly or at least drone won’t be perfectly tuned for it’s particular setup.

Most certainly do no attempt copying it across to other frame types. I.e. use quad settings on a hexacopter or the other way around.

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That’s good news. I appreciate the feedback and response. I would definitely not use a quad “profile” on a hex.

Where could I find the steps for this process? I’ve looked for a resource to give it a shot and can’t find it.

You can use the Parameter List resources of Mission Planner like Reading from a File, saving to a file, comparing parameters and so on.

Your best option would be to save a parameter file with a limited parameter set that didn’t include vehicle specific parameters, which there are many of, and use the Compare Parameters function and call that file. It will open with all those parameters already checked, hit Continue and then Write Parameters. From there you will have to configure and calibrate everything else.

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Thank y’all. I’m not familiar with this process, time to grab a twelve pack and figure it out.

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