RE: Roll/Pitch doesn't reach DesRoll/Pitch - PID tuning

Hi Mike,

Hope all’s good with you.
Picking up on a thread from a few years ago about the hover 1 frame from foxtech.

I’m just building one and rather than trial and error I wonder if you’d be able to share anything you learned about the position and damping of the flight controller? Quite a few mounting options on this frame.

Appreciate any insight or photos you might have.

Best wishes.

I have shared my preferred mounting method which I developed some years ago and use in all my builds from the 250 FPV racing copters

to larger builds

with very good performance in vibration mitigation.
I initially developed this method years ago, with the APM’s, which were quite sensitive to vibration as was the code back then, pre v3.2.1.

The ‘O’ rings are critical in that only silicone ‘O’ rings will do the job.
Next is the thin lead sheet used to increase the mass of the sprung pixhawk to tune out vibrations in certain frequencies. I found a simple 1mm sheet cut to size and sandwiched between good quality gyro tape gives a good consistent result.
DO NOT skimp when it comes to the gyro tape, and the Futaba gyro tape give the best results.

The main components of a flight controllers installation

I have also had good results with Sorbathane as the bottom most layer

And the final results speak for themselves

Hi Mike,
Thanks, impressive results. Good to see someone doing what works rather than just using rubber balls “because that’s what everyone does”.

Do you have any pics of your install in the Foxtech Hover1 frame?

Many thanks.

As the Hover1 was such a quick build I didn’t bother taking any pics
These are just some close ups I did for the customer who purchased it for RC installation position.

I would have used the same 4 post setup as the others.

Ahh amazing thanks :slight_smile: