RDQ quad esc DSHOT bi-directional not working

I thought that I went through every step here… BLHeli32 and BLHeli_S ESCs — Copter documentation

but I am not able to get bidirectional tele working.

@dkemxr here is the parameter file.

here are my esc settings

quaddshot.param (19.0 KB)

Do you have a BDshot firmware flashed?

Yes I do.
Screenshot 2024-06-14 114834

Here are the Servo Outputs

Currently I only have 1 esc on the bench testing it and I have 4 configure but 1 connected will that prevent it from reading the tele?
Screenshot 2024-06-14 122045
I have tried both the +EDT and non-edt settings

I have tested it with and without Auto Tele in the BLHelisuite32 still no avail.

BDShot should be available on the first four main PWM outs.

On the Cube, his servo layout is valid and correct. FMU outputs are desirable for BDSHOT.

You are saying switch to the “main out” 1-4?

Do not do that. It’s not beneficial in any way for a quad rotor on a Cube Orange.

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Ok I left them as they were. Any other ideas?

No, disregard what I said, I’ve had a brain fart. AUX 1-6.

I don’t have any documentation with these esc’s, but if I am connecting them only to the aux ports and I want to do BI-dshot the I hook the pwm lead to the aux ports not the tele?

I would try the DS300 first. it has never failed me


Just tried that and not working.

@dkemxr you have any suggestions?

SERVO_BLH_MASK,7680 #I'm using the same bitmask as you set for BDMASK. 

Make sure the mask values are correct for the output pins you’re connected to.

MOT_PWM_TYPE,6 I have tried 4, 5, 6 still no luck
SERVO_BLH_MASK,7680 #I’m using the same bitmask as you set for BDMASK.

Still no telemetry for these esc’s.

I just update to the 4.5.4 firmware just to see
Here are the messages in case anyone can see what I am doing wrong.

Screenshot 2024-06-15 111634

Also my current isn’t registering now. I haven’t changed a thing. Voltage is reporting.

Screenshot 2024-06-15 111745

We’re going backwards here. Can you share a link to the specific ESCs you’re using?

I see that ESC has a telem pad on it. Have you tried this method: ESC Telemetry — Copter documentation