RCx_Option on Mission Planner

After upgrading to RC12 and to the latest Beta Version of Mission Planner RCx_Option is now missing from mission planner full parameter list

David Ardis

Right. It’s CHx_OPT in that version. RCx_OPTION is at dev version level. So you didn’t “Upgrade”.

Sorry my mistake went from RC10 - RC12 but confused as it in the sim

David Ardis


Perhaps the question is a bit off-topic as I’m running the last stable version, but as 3.6 looks like close to becoming stable…here it goes

Is it planned to increase the CHx_OPT to channels 13 and 14? I’ve seen in the full parameter list that RCx_OPTION is available for 13 and 14, and my pixhawk already recognizes those channels and calibrates them properly, but the auxiliary functions are limited to channel 12.


Arducopter 3.7-dev is extended to all 16 channels for RCx_OPTION.

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In case it adds any clarity, the RCx_OPTION change has gone into master so it will appear in the simulator but it didn’t make it into Copter-3.6. As mentioned by @dkemxr, this will be included in Copter-3.7.

@rmackay9 are the any plans to add this feature to Auduplane and Ardurover?

It’s in Plane V3.10.0-dev and Rover V3.5.0-dev

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Re adding RCx_OPTION to Rover and Plane, it’s already in rover and will go out with Rover-3.5. I think Plane will eventually get it as well but it’s a bit more effort because Plane’s never really had auxiliary switches in quite the same way.

EDIT: oops, Dave’s already answered :-).

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