RC7 tim is below max

Hi. When I go to adjust trim in Configuration Params I am not sure if I need to save the three resets after each is entered. ie min, 1000 save: trim, 1500 save: and max, 2010 save: What’s the go ?

An extension to this issue. The suggestion was made that all of the unused radio channels (in my case 6,7 and 9-16 should be trim reset in Mission Planner configuration parameters. I am still not sure how that might be done. Lateral thinking led me to wonder what would happen if I simply deleted those channels from the Inputs list of my Taranis. I would be keen to hear other views on this as the question of rc 7 trims being “dodgy” has never arisen in my setups of several "autonomous devices including Pixhawks. But on reflection I thought it safer to go back to Config Params and the arm department where you can select which checks you do not wish to prevent arming. I un-ticked “All” and ticked all the others except “channel checks”. The RC7 channel issue no longer appears when I arm. Good is the way I feel; but a wiser pilot may be thinking that I am putting my head in a noose. Watcher-reckon ???

go in the full param list, in the mission planner advanced view and search for RC7 and set the min max and trim. 1000, 1500, 2000, Its just that when doing a RC calibration if the channel is not assigned to anything in the transmitter they all get set the same.

There is never any reason you should disable all arming checks.

Many thanks for the response. I too, would much prefer to tick the “all checks” box: But can you explain the keyboard inputs required. I made repeated attempts to take the Channel seven max to 2000 plus. For unknown reasons the error message was not resolved. A friend then advised that I should be resetting the min, mid. and max. on all unused channels. If that is required; again I ask, how is it done? Does it require resetting the params for each step on each channel? One more detail, can you see a problem in removing unused channels from the input list?