RC10 log issues

Need someone to explain what I see in the log analysis.

  1. What does NaNs = FAIL mean?
  2. PM = Fail - 13 slow loop lines found.
    Is this something to worry about and what to do here?
  3. Pitch/Roll unknown mode in TestPitchRollCoupling:BRAKE.
    What does that mean?
    Thanks for helping me!

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The NaNs fail is definitely not good, we should never get NaNs. Do you have a dataflash log I can have a look at?
The other failures are more false positives - the LogAnalyzer is a bit out of date with the log format of Copter-3.6.

Txs for the report.

Actually I’ve run the AutoAnalyser on my own log and I see the same message regarding CTUN.DSalt holding NaNs. Those NaNs are there on purpose… I’ve never actually liked them… so it’s a false positive … we need to update the AutoAnalyser.

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ok thanks Randy.
Just curious, what is NaNs? I could not find it described in the Wiki.

NaN means “Not a Number”. We use that for DSAlt to show that there is no desired altitude. TBH I’m not a fan of us doing this, but it was a team decision…