RC - motors start/test


I want to build my first drone and i get in to point i do not know what to do, probably some obvious things as im really beginner.

I bought BeagleBone Blue configured according to this post. and installed ArduPilot on it. It is connecting to APM Planner and Mission Planner but i can not start/test motors. For now i have only:

  • BBBlue
  • 4x BL2205 motors
  • 4x ESC
  • Power distributor

APM and Mission Planner are collecting data from BBBlue but i can not start motors. When im clicking “motor test” under MP in my BBBlue ArduPilot loggs:

PreArm: RC Roll not configured

Do i need RC if i do not want to use it? I just want to control my drone with joystick and tcp/udp connection via WiFi.

If yes why it is necessary and which one, telemetry RC (i thought i can send telemetry data via internet) or controller RC?


Just change the rc min/max params by a couple of numbers, or set the arming bitmask to ignore the rc check.

Where can i change it?

There’s a helpful note here: http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/flying-with-a-joystickgamepad-instead-of-rc-controller.html
I usually set params through the full param list or via maxproxy, but these ones are probably in the rc setup tab too.

Thank You i find out it in full parm list like You told.