RC input decoding error

Hi all,
I was flying my quad last friday and out of nowhere, it randomly started performing an RTL and landing every time I flew it, usually within a few minutes of taking off.

I am flying a 2.1 cube with the spektrum DX9 transmitter, and I have telemetry coming down from an airborne innovations 2.4ghz radio that is feeding video data from an Odroid onboard PC to a laptop.

I have reviewed the logs and can see that for some reason, I am getting an RTL and an error that says there was an RC input Decoding issue, but I am unsure why. It has never had this issue before and just began on Friday.

I will include a log here for you guys to look at, any advice would be appreicated


As you say it does look AP suddenly didn’t know what receiver was connected. It’s possible that it’s a software bug but it’s at least as likely that there is some external interference or cabling issue that caused the problem. Maybe try replacing the cable connecting the receiver to the flight controller and also if there’s any video equipment near the receiver (or the cable connecting the flight controller to the receiver) move it away.

I’ll ask @tridge if he has any ideas for further steps we can take to debug the issue.

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Ok good to know, the receiver was near my FLIR camera and my EO camera as well on the front of rhe plane