RC calibration issue in DEV 4.1.0

Hi friends,
when I am using copter DEV 4.1.0. RC calibration, not working properly. When I am increasing the throttle stick, all RC channels are showing some random values. At ths time I have loaded copter v4.0.5, Then RC calibration is done perfecly and done auto mission successfully.

Why this is happen to me!

Thanks and reguars

What RX do you have?

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Good morning sir, thank you for your response.
My Rx is Frsky x8r and tx=frsky taranis Q X7.
Rc calibration is done in v 4.0.4 and v4.0.5.
But in dev 4.1.0 i faced problem. Now I am going to use v 4.0.4 and restoring old gains and values. Today we need to test how my UAV is responding with restored parameters and values.

Thank you sir