RC boat compatibility with ArduPilot

Hi guys, I recently discovered this spectacular project and I immediately decided that I want to try it.
I have a rc boat managed by a Graupner R700 radio and I wanted to understand if it was possible to interface it with ArduPilot.
The goal I want to achieve is to add the GPS autopilot, what could be the most suitable controller for my purpose?
If can help I enclose a photo of the radio and the ESC.
Thanks in advance to everyone will partecipate on this discussion

Any of the boards supported by Ardupilot will work for a Rover/Boat. There are many listed here:
Flight Controllers
It may come down to what you want to spend and what’s available where you are located.

hello thanks for the reply, I am from Italy. My RC boat has only one motor and two servos, so I have few needs.

OK, so a popular current choice would be a Matek H743-Wing V3. ~$100 in the US. There are others.
Matek Ardupilot compatible hardware:
Matek boards

You can use pretty much any M8N GPS/Compass module.

Thanks a lot, I will update you with my work

Is this FC compatible with ArduPilot?

Quality can be sketchy with those FC’s but yes compatible.

Thanks a lot. I think that for a boat it will be enough. I appreciate the fact that is a kit with everything I need