Raspberry pi to pixhawk communication over mavlink


I have a raspberry pi running Linux on it. There is mavproxy running on the raspberry pi and it shows the parameter values on the mav console. Now I need to get the waypoint parameter from the pixhawk constantly, to trigger the next part of the logic. I want this to be done programmatically rather than through the command prompt.

I am referring to the sample code available on the site which is written in C or python. I need to know how do I run .c or .py file in mavproxy so that I see the output…

Right now I am not able to figure out where and how I place my program logic.

Hi Amrita. Have a look at theset of Mavlink commands - specifically the MISSION_ commands. They will do what your after. You can also look at the MAVProxy source code available on github to get an idea of how its implemented in python.

Thanks, Grant.

Hi gmorph,

Thanks for your reply.. Yes I checked the code and the commands. I now have a standalone .py file with the required program logic. When I press F5 the python shell opens up but i dont see the output there nor do i see the output on the terminal window where the mavproxy is running. Could you please help here, so as to , how do I plug in my .py code.

When you say your “pressed F5” I don’t know what your doing. Can you please provide more information? What GCS are you running? What example code are you reading?

Thanks, Grant.