Raspberry Pi Configuration with Ubuntu 22.04 and ArduPilot: Guide for Using the Navio2 Board

Good morning!

I am currently working on a project to develop an aquatic drone using Navio2 and Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately, I am unable to use the recommended operating system by the Navio2 manufacturer (Raspberry Pi configuration | Navio2) as I need to use Ubuntu 22.04 in order to include nodes in ROS2.

Although I have found information on how to build the code on Raspberry Pi (Building for NAVIO2 on RPi3 — Dev documentation), I haven’t been able to configure the connection with my ground station or execute the code I have built. I would greatly appreciate it if someone has any information or advice regarding this.

If you want to save yourself from a lot of headaches and frustration, ditch the Navio2 and use a seperate MCU based flightcontroller. You can run any software you like on the RPi and have an up to date flightcontroller as well, that keeps running even if the RPi crashes. I bought/got every Emlid FC from the original Navio to the Emlid Edge and found it to be a great idea at first, but even with the great support from Emlid, I always had problems: GPS was unreliable, compass would not calibrate, slow update cycle, cumbersome update procedure, corrupted sd-cards, because no shutdown functionality is provided and more.
If you still want to go with the Navio 2, post your question over on the Emlid forum, there might be a higher chance to get help there.

Hello Sebastián, thanks for your answer, I have reviewed other forums and if I have seen enough problems with the compatibility of the Navio2 and other Emild tools, I am going to post in the manufacturer’s official forum, to perhaps look for a more specialized guide, even so , I would like you to give your knowledge which separate MCU based flight controller you would recommend me to work on Ubunto and control a boat.