Rangefinder/Proximity Sensor on Matek F405-SE

Hi all,

Before I move forward on further work with this system, I wanted to see if anyone could spare a moment and review this log for me. I’m using a Holybro S500 (a bit underpowered on 3S in this log, but I have switched to 4S now), with a Matek F405-SE flight controller running Arducopter. I used the custom firmware builder to build a version of Ardupilot for this board that would support the Benewake Lidar units, so that I could configure the TF-Luna as a proximity sensor (front facing), and the TF02-Pro as a downward facing Lidar unit. This appears to be functioning so far as to have the TF-Luna help with some basic obstacle avoidance and the TF02 help with landing, altitude holding, and hopefully surface tracking as well. I did some tests the other day with the rangefinders and proximity sensor on TX switches, testing Alt-Hold, and Loiter mode and all the results I saw in regards to the rangefinder/prox sensors seemed to working well. I’m hoping to play around with them some more, but as an intial configuration - does anyone see any glaring issues? Thanks in advance!

I saw your log but I am not the guy on it, @xfacta is the one that can get you valuable tips about it.

Have you ever ran an Autotune on this drone?

Vibes look ok, as you said a little bit underpowered but not that bad also… your rangefinders seems ok to me.

The only thing I noticed is that you experienced a GPS Glitch on this flight, which is not a good thing, I would dedicate some attention on this for the next flights to see if it is a recurring problem.