Rangefinder problem with version 4.2.x

I am using cube orange for controller and Garmin LIDAR Lite v3 for rangefinder. Ardupilot version is 4.1.x. I connected the lidar to the controller with PWM protocol.

when the version is 4.1.x, there is no problem with LIDAR. I can see the data coming from LIDAR.
However, when I uploaded the board newer version 4.2.x, I could not read LIDAR data.

I did not make a change in configuration and parameters. It works in version 4.1.x but not in 4.2.x.

What is the problem? Is there any change between versions?

Upgrade to 4.2.2 pwm rangefinder scaling fix. And set the gpio bitmask

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See the note half way down the page regarding the servo gpio bitmask


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Yesss. It works well. Thanks for your help, Mark. I must be more careful.