Rangefinder freezes on ArduCopter 3.7

Hello all,

I have a TFMini rangefinder working fully operational on a Copter 3.7 quad.

The rangefinder works fine, it can detect altitude within cm acurracy. However, if I lift the quad from the table and then move it out of the table, the rangefinder values freezes to a value of 1 m above RNGFND_MAX_CM value. It does not recover until a power cycle.

Say, if RNGFND_MAX_CM is 1200, it will freeze at the float value 13.0. If it’s 2500, it will freeze at the float value of 26.0.

This happens because the quad moves out of the table’s range (with a horizontal velocity), the table and the ground has approximately 60 cm of height difference.

Is this normal? What could be done to fix it?

Try reproducing it using ArduCopter Master

I was using the master though. However, the problem is resolved. It seems that my TFMini lidar was working improperly. Changing only the lidar solved the problem.