Rangefinder desired altitude causes inconsistencies at end of fast climbs/descents

Following my posts here and here with linked logs I found that what I preceive as strange altitude behavior is related to the range finder desired altitude DSalt.

When throtteling up the rangefinder DSalt increases faster than the Dalt. So when stoping the ascent DSalt is still way high and the copter continues to climb further until rngfnd1_max_use_hgt (20m)

After aborting a descend within rangefinder range, the copter decelerates and then climbs back to the altitude where I released the stick.

Above maximum rangefinder height the copter stops ascents/descents nicely without ascent overshot or descent bounce back.

The faster the vertical speeds, the more pronounced these issues. Is this considered normal? Copter 4.0.5

Here a log with climbs and descents in Loiter during the first 10 minutes
sorry for the file size, its 214MB

My Rengfnd_gain is set to 0.9
PSC_ACCZ values are set according to hover throttle (which is usually 0.23 to 0.24)

I think DSAalt should follow a similar accelleration and decelleration logic like DAlt from the control side. So differences between both are mostly of external nature (pressure change, terain) and then it converges to DSAlt.
But if my stick imputs and the CTUN internal clculations cause diverging desired altitudes thats not right.

Maybe I just got a parameter set wrong?

I think I noticed the same problem with SF30D rangefinder enabled. After fast climb and stop at chosen altitude copter always descent a little bit.