Random Fence breaches error


We are using 3.6.12 FMW. We have times to times fence breaches even if we are inside the fence. To solve the issue a reboot of the pixhawk seems to fix it.
It looks like it happens when we are flying at another location than the previous flight, such as old home location is outside the new geofence.

Any ideas?


If you get a GPS lock, with a low accuracy, the copter might momentarily think that it is 300m away from the current location. That is probably causing the error. It thinks it is outside of the fence. After a while the position error gets smaller, the GPS accuracy higher. But the Fence breach has already been triggered.
By rebooting now, the fence breach gets cleared.

So …the solution seams to be to either reboot or update to 4.0.7

Actually it looks like it happens with a polygon geofence. As soon as we have applied a polygon then it looks like circle or any other type has not effect anymore.
We use an external software to create polygon fence and flight plan in advance. When we upload it we don’t have fence breaches even if the drone sits outside the fence. If we reboot then we have the fence issue.

We have tried to manually set a polygon fence in mission planner but then it looks like changing to circle or attitude has no effect only disabling it works…

it’s a little bit confusing.

se debe modificar el parámetro FENCE_TYPE = 3