Radiolink Mini Pix Flight Controller

First off i bought a Radiolink Mini Pix FC for my fixed wing plane.
There fore, I have to Download Mission Planner off of Radiolinks website because they have to make special firmware for MP on there products. All that went as planned and the FC connected the MP like it should. Then the first problem I’m getting when Uploading the firmware the the FC, is that it fails and brings up a message box saying “Can’t Read Hex Files no fail safe,” so i went on Ardupilots website and downloaded the firmware directly from there for the Mini Pix and tried the load custom firmware and got the same message.
One confusing thing about all that is if the firmware failed to load then why in the top right corner did it name the FC “COM5-1-Fixed Wing?” In other words it know its a plane but the firmware is failing to load.

Second problem,
I’m thinking most likely due to the first problem, but when trying to set up the Flight modes there aren’t any options in the drop down lists for me to select?

My mistake it says “the hex file did not contain an end flag. aborting”

That FC is a poor choice for Ardupilot.