Radio link info in DP: what do you want to see?

Hi all,

Currently Droidplanner does not collect the information we know from Mission Planner regarding the telemetry radio link, like local and remote noise and RSSI levels.

Arthur didn’t work on this yet because he doesn’t have a satisfying view on what users would like to see. Let’s help.

What would you like to see in the DP HUD screen? Please give your votes:

  1. A radio quality link indicator exactly the same as Mission planner has in the top right HUD display: % radio packages received + icon indicator.
  2. Any different specific indicator top right in the HUD or anywhere else. Give your preference for localnoise, remotenoise, local RSSI or remoteRSSI or any combination. Can you motivate why?
  3. A user customizable/selectable view via the settings on location in the HUD and/or values to display

Don’t be restricted by this list, please provide specific and constructive feedback.

I pressume all data can (and will) anyway be captured in the tlog.

Thanks & bye!

My own preference is 1, just to keep compatibility with MP. After flights I can (want to!) analyse away with a filled tlog.

Hi Splinter, thanks for opening the discussion,

The problem with showing a rate of dropped packets is the value drops drastically when you go out of range, RSSI drops more linearly. Anyway we can always log the RSSI packets.

But RSSI just work with 3DR radios.

I’m currently very involved with making the New UI work, but we still have the problem of signal level there.
More info at

I like the new look! one feature i was going to request was to add a “Quick” tab similar to mission planner that clearly and boldly displays some important values which it appears you have done! Thank you. Could you possible add dist traveled &time in air values and make them easily resettable?

In regards to RSSI, would it be possible to have either % dropped packets and local RSSI or remoteRSSI selectable as per #3?

Thanks for all your efforts!

Wow, great preview, looking good!!

If radio data will be in the tlog, that will satistfy my needs. Indeed I can imagine a lineair indicator on screen is more easy to use.

Looking forward to the upcoming release, keep it up!

Good weekend, Splinter

For me the best option is #1 and compatibility with MP. I’m using Xbee so Packet loss is most practical way to show link quality.


Waiting for a new release to display RSSI of telemetry, how can I display this parameter?

@Huges: Currently you can’t, but just wait a couple of weeks for DP v2. Or join the dev tem to speed things up :slight_smile:

We have RSSI on the development branch at GitHub if someone want’s to compile the code and give it a try.

Yes I want to! Could you help me find the development branche if my reference is the Wiki page on how to download and compile the production code? Do we need to use another URL instead of Very exciting to see all this progress!

When you do that it will get the ‘master’ branch, just make sure you do a new clone to get the most recent version.

Hi Arthur,

I’m willing to help but you need to bring me up to speed technically on how to compile your new beta code on a nexus tablet ?
Procedure somewhere i could read on the internet ?
I’m a noob on github and stuff so bare with my idiotic questions,

If you are interrested on compiling the code/ developing here is a start-up guide: … uild-Setup

But as of yesterday we have a Release Candidate for DroidPlanner v2.0.0, you can download the APK here: … v2.0.0_RC1

Please note that the interface has been designed mostly for the nexus 7, and currently it supports only copters (although planes may work). If you want to try it go ahead, and report any issues at github: … state=open

Hi Arthur,

When I try to compile your DP-V2 (from zip file) I got an error saying “is not a valid Win32 application”

But I was able to compile OK previous version of DP (also from a zip file) without problem.

Could you please give me some hints why the V2 from zip does not work?

There is no need to download the zip file. Just open the APK on your Android device (it’s a compiled release, jsut like what you get from Google Play), here is the direct link for it: … -0_RC1.apk

And that’s an odd error, it’s better if you get the code via GitHub. Here is the guide link again: … h-the-code

i did try many times to get from github directly, not able.
if i put the apk on android, I will be able to compile and run in debug mode? right now, with previous version, I am using the android sdk win win7 and compile and can debug without any issue.

You will not be able to debug the app directly like you can with eclipse.

But it’ll save any crashes (which should not happen) to the SDcard under /DroidPlanner/LogCat/.

@criro1999 Please contact me directly via “arthur dot benemann @ gmail dot com” via a Google Hangout and I can help you to setup the build.

Hi Arthur, thanks for answer, I want to be able to debug in Eclipse.

I remember you did indicate to me (in diydrones) the zip file from a specific location when I said to you at that time I can not get directly from Git. That zip was OK, as compiling and debugging, I still have it om my PC.
Is any difference as structure, between that zip file and latest zip file from V2? Maybe is missing something.
Should I reinstall the google-play and Mavlink project when try V2?

Can you give me the link for the Zip file you are downloading?

It may be that you are not getting some of the librarys, that are saved as git submodules.

I installed the v2: Awesome!!!
I love the new interface, much more intuitive and simpler (I can finally delete my waypoints!)
I will test it in flight during the next week end if the weather permits it and will report back eventual comments and remarks.