Radio link info in DP: what do you want to see?

Firstly many thanks to Arthur for helping me out with compiling DP in Eclipse, it compiles and launches perfectly - only on my phone so far but hopefully on the cheapo tablet on my new ground station (

The new HUD was a bit of a shock, :open_mouth: I was hoping to add some things to the old one such as a home arrow so I’m not dependent on video/OSD.

The new one looks very smart (and I have only spent a few minutes with the new DP version) but more useful for rotorcraft rather than fixed wing? A ‘traditional’ HUD with altitude and speed ladders can give more information about trends like a rate of climb overlay on an altitude ladder, over/underspeed overlays on the speed ladder. Having done a lot of intrument flying on desktop simulators these features are very useful.

I wonder if there are any plans to make the old HUD still be available? - I’ve had a very quick look at the code and it looks like I could implement an HudUpdatedListner - although this might be beyond my Java skills just now.

My ultimate wish list item could make it all redundant - Synthetic Vision!


We removed the old HUD because people mostly don’t use that during flights. But I can see the application on FPV.

So please add an issue at github, so we can track the development of the feature:

Also one of our developers has re-implemented the HUS to use it with Google Glass: … PStogJZQMj

About SVS, it has been on our issue list for 4 months: … issues/282
I have even codded a library to get SRTM terrain data, but I stopped when I needed to learn OpenGL to be able to render the terrain on the GPU.

The issues links aren’t working, have tried on different computers, tried while logged in and out of github. The issues link on the DP github pages seem to be gone too.
Anyway, Merry Christmas and here’s hoping 2014 is a good one for all!

That’s my fault, I moved the repository to have a bettter structure for the developers. Here is the correct link: