Radio Input and Throttle output is mismatched

Hi last week i bought new APM2.8 board all the things is working fine but my radio input (throttle is 1020) but Servo output for all motors is 1069 and if i increase the throttle 1031 all motor speed will be 1130 Suddenly it’s getting high i am not able to control the height Kindly help me to solve this.

That board is is very old and unsupported.

ohhh it’s old . Kindly help to solve the issue i am not able to control particular throttle speed. What i need to do?

Thanks for Reply.

Start with a supported board, there’s plenty of cheap ones too.
But for any Arducopter version (and board) the servo output is not directly related to RC throttle input - that’s the beauty of having a tiny flying computer do all the hard work for you.
It’s assuming you are trying to launch and ramping up the throttle to try and get airborne.
The way to make it work is do all the manual set up and calibrations and tests, then try to fly.
If it wont fly there are could be a range of problems, like mismatched motors/props/take off weight.

As a general rule, a place that sells you a severely outdated APM flight controller, probably also sells a very poor motor/prop/ESC combination that will struggle to lift themselves off the ground.

Apart from all that, we need more information to diagnose, like exact details of all parts, maybe a picture…
What have you tried to get it working?

Thank you so much.
My drone getting take off but it’s very fast ex: if i give throttle 1031 means it’s start to fly 7-8 feet height i am not able reduce the speed if i give 1029 it’s getting fully down intermediate portion i am not able to control what i should do ?


Xfacta already wrote what you should do:

Hi All Thanks i found some thing can you please explain about throttle deadzone and if we reduce the deadzone what will happen .