Radio Failsafe - what happens when Quad is mid-flight?

I was reading Radio Failsafe — Copter documentation and I’m not exactly sure what the highlighted phrase means (refer to photo). The minimum throttle as in the lowest throttle possible or IDLE pilot wasn’t touching throttle?

I also read in the video that if failsafe is disabled, the drone will maintain its last known throttle value. Does this mean that if I was piloting it to travel in a direction, and my controller dies, it continues to travel in that direction?

I’m wondering if there is a configuration where I can have my Quad simply disarm while in Stabilize mode, or simply maintain balanced throttle as if it has just been armed before launch.

Any clarification is greatly appreciated.

You need to check what your transmitter and receiver combo does under link-loss conditions first.
Traditional receivers usually hold their outputs, or go to some preconfigured channel outputs. More modern receivers can be set to “no pulses” or no output whatsoever. Check the instructions for your gear - it may be that you have to set up the transmitter how you want your aircraft to behave (for example throttle mid-stick, RTL flight mode) and then bind to the receiver.

Because we use mostly multirotors, we have the transmitter set up with a spring-centered throttle and this parameter:

When there is link loss or throttle goes below failsafe level as dictated by these params:
the aircraft enters Return To Launch mode (in our case) but you can set SmartRTL or other options.

To test connect to a groundstation (via USB if you dont have telemetry) and try different scenarios while watching messages and RC calbration screen, no need to arm in a lot of cases.
turn off the transmitter:- should give preset channel config, or no receiver at all

EDIT: also set Battery failsafes and maybe a Fence


FENCE_ALT_MAX,120 ← set alt and radius to suit local laws or lower for testing

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Thanks for your informative response Shawn.

I have the Herelink, and at the moment tracking down what the default settings for it are.

If you know, please share.

It seems like an issue not many people are concerned about.