Radio control is not ON or inactive in latest Ardupilot with BBBlue

I am running arducopter(vs 3.5.4) on my beaglebone blue.
But i am not able to calibrate the radio signalsas It shows radio control not ON ar not active.
Please suggest.


Just want to verify, i am finding the line says -
“isRadioControlActive: Error Channel 1 out of range: rcValue=0.000000” in apmplanner log file.

I think may be this will be causing the problem.

Any update?
I have tested that with both Avionic and Flysky RC Radios.
What can be the reason? Somewhere i found its the issue with Apm-planner itself.

Make sure the receiver is powered an connected correctly and that the PRU pin is enabled as per instructions

Is there any method to verify the PRU pin is enabled or not?
Becuase i have verified the RC receiver output in DSO.

Hi ppoirier,
I am able to get the radio signals now.
Can you suggest me the ESC callibration? as in Servo1 output, one motor is working fine but other motors are making a regular beep sound. And unexpectedly running with constant speed after ARMING(throttle=0).

Do i need to add manually MOT_PWM_MIN/MAX values as suggested in link-

As the 0 value means it should take the min/max value of RC input.

Mean, how to put the BBBlue in ESC calibration mode?

Its like a normal FC but , rebooting makes it a little more complicated. You can calibrate them using a standard pwm receiver as well

@sharmarahul I would suggest that you write what made the RCInput work and select ‘‘resolved’’

Hi ppoireir,
Yes that RCInout is now working fine.
Have calibrated the radioa and all.
Thanks for the support.

Just struggling with ESC calibration. Have done calibrationt with standard PWM receiver for each ESC and checked but when i connect with BBBlue, and just after ARMING one motor start rotating with constant speed not others.
Also verified the RC out in Mavlink Inspector. As i increase the throttle, motor start rotating one by one.

Still this is surely Calibration issue but not able to do that yet.

The problem was with ESC calibration, i got that.

Cool, please change status to ‘‘RESOLVED’’