Radio Calibration on the AutoPilot


I am using an AutoPilot, a Linux machine, that can connect to Mission Planner already but I am having difficulty so far w/ the calibration of my Radio in MP.

MP works so far up to the point where I would calibrate my radio. For some reason, even though the TX and RX has already been bound, the Radio Calib. is unsuccessful.


P.S. Are there any tips from users like me who are having this complication w/ calibrating their radios?

I will keep researching ideas. For now, all the output that shows in MP is this idea:

Bad channel 1 input, canceling

Please disregard what I typed so far. I thought the docs in the git repo. would have all the articles to compile correctly. I needed to compile before cross-compiling and porting the arducopter binary to the BBBlue. Blah. I am sorry for posting again. a little rusty over here.