Learning about ArduCopter/ArduPilot and learning it "Well"

Hello Everyone,

Me again…okay. So, first is when the quoting takes place. Then, the questions. Are we ready? Awesome!


In that doc, there are a couple of sentences I would like to review.

  1. Where would I install RCPassThru and where is SERVOx_FUNCTION located?

Here is the text in case no one wants to view the link from above:

Outputs are provided to activate servos, motors,
relays, etc. to control the vehicle. 
Any autopilot output can be assigned the desired 
vehicle control output function via the 
SERVOx_FUNCTION parameters. 
Note that outputs do NOT necessarily correspond
to any RC input, unless their function is set to RCPassThru.

I have four motors, a Receiver, and a Transmitter. Of course, I have ESCs too. From my one bunch of text here, Radio Calibration on the AutoPilot , I am still stuck on Radio Calibration as RCPassThru has not been set correctly (supposedly).


P.S. I will try on the Mandatory Hardware section(s) after getting this darn radio calibration working. And also another thing here, if using RCPassThru, would I need to handle other functions like SERVOx_FUNCTION where x is my mapped RCPassThru to ESC or Motor?

I am still at a loss here. I cannot find, in the directory of ArduCopter or the BBBlue docs, where exactly I would create the connection to/from RX/TX.

I think the Linux portions of the BBBlue are awesome on the ArduCopter installations. And now, for who knows how long, there are actual binaries of ArduCopter available. This is an awesome feature.

I also noticed in the BBBlue docs, one would get the newest of the bone-kernels for porting ArduPilot to it. Luckily, beagleboard.org still produces the bone-kernels. I got the 12-01 version from this year and the binary for ArduCopter from 12-04 of this year. Phew. Okay. Enough typing!

If you understand what I am saying, please do reply. As someone, not naming any names, pointed out, I am five years into this idea and have zilch to show for it…


I think me stating that fact and asking those questions helped me a bit. Sorry to flood this forum again.

So, under the Parameters section is where I would set RCPassThru but I need to figure out what comes next. Okay. Again, sorry.


Hello Again,

One last question and this time I will wait!

Does gpios still power the Servo Header or should I find another avenue to power my Receiver?


P.S. I need to get to work. I see, I see, I see.

I don’t understand what you are saying.


Hello @dkemxr ,

I am not sure I even know. Thank you.


Can’t answer any of your non-questions, but I will offer that the BeagleBone Blue is most likely not for a first-time user (nor one who’s been struggling for so long). Get yourself an H7-based autopilot and learn the ropes with that.


Guys, dont try to answer or understand Seth, I know him since 5 years and I am still not decided if He is an AI or an ET. :crazy_face: … but his determination to get the BeagleBone working is quite amazing.

And sometimes he is posting some cryptic messages like the above on the forum and I just hope that it’s not coded instructions for dark forces to invade Planet Earth !!

P.S. Seth, I am now testing your humorous inference engine :wink:


@ppoirier and @Yuri_Rage ,

I am no AI and I am a real human! I will keep trying. Argh…I think I am missing what I was trying to describe.

Trying is all I can do.


P.S. Thank you guys for not kicking me off the platform. I will try some more before admitting I am a sore loser again!