Radio calibration not working

I am using pixhawk 2.4.8 and flysky fs-i6 transmitter and Fs-ia6b reciver i have done the compass calibration and Accel calibration but when I am doing radio calibration the green bars are in empty colour.
radio calibration seems to be not detecting signals from my RC even though it has binded successfully and the pins also correct.

Then it’s not seeing the receiver. Receiver bound to the Transmitter? Sbus or iBus protocol configured? Connected from the Sbus out of the receiver to the RCIN pin of the Pixhawk?

Yes I have connected it to ppm and rcin in pixhawk

Make sure you made the correct configuration of your receiver to certify yourself that it is outputting PPM protocol and not RC1 PWM signal. If you have a scope, it could help in this case.

I think I don’t have the encoder will that be the problem

You don’t need an encoder. Configure for PPM protocol in the Transmitter. You have a manual right? Page 21

Maybe you will have to re-bind after setting this.

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thanks the transmitter was not set for ppm signal so that’s why it was wasn’t working after setting to ppm signal it works great thanks.

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I have the same problem. How did you set the transmitter for ppm signal ?

A simple google search will show you that. It may not be the same Transmitter but you get the idea.


Thank you so much the transmitter has been connected rto the receiver :+1:

But i still have a problem is that each switch of the controller moves multiples things at the same time … for exemple when i move the throttle switch it moves the throttle ,the roll ,radio 5 and radio 6 at the same time in the radio calibration on mission planner.
Do you have any informations on how to fixe that please ??
I have a Graupner MC-20 controller

Sounds like you have a mix on the radio. But I know nothing about that radio. Personally I would only use a radio that supports EdgeTx.

I’m having the same issue and I’m using Frsky x20 hd and Tdr18 Rex it has pin 18 always own out and plugged into pixhawk rc in and it will cal sensors but not the radio! Please help someone!