Radio calibration is not showing on mission planner

I’m having the problem with my pixhawk 1 Fc and frsky X6R rc which is already bound to tarnis transmitter

Are you connecting the SBUS port of the X6R to RCin of the Pixhawk?


No, I’m actually connecting ch1 to RCin isn’t that right?

No, connect the receivers SBUS port to the flight controllers RCin port.

That S-Port will come in handy too, for when you want to get telemetry data onscreen on the Taranis.
There will be a small adapter circuit required between the S-Port and the Pixhawk, and the Yaapu telemetry scripts on the transmitter - but we can get to all that later.

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It’s working now!, i’ve read some about that port maybe will try to to do that in the future, many thanksss :grin: