Radio Bars not lighting up Green

Hello. I am using Pixhawk 2.4.8, and just installed the latest firmware. My transmitter is connected to the receiver, and the receiver is connected to the Pixhawk because it shows the red light, meaning its binded and in PWM mode. Anytime I check the Radio Calibration page, none of the gray bars turn green. I’m a beginner so I think I might be missing something. No other topics I found solved the issue. Please let me know, thanks.

Reciever is Radiolink R9DS and Transmitter is AT9S Pro.

Can you change the modes of your receiver to PPM or SBUS? A single PWM channel won’t work.

From the manual:
There are two signal working modes, PWM and SBUS&PWM signal output. Short press ID SET twice within 1second, the working mode will change. The red LED indicates the PWM output and blue/purple LED indicates SBUS signal.


Thank you to both of you, I plugged it into the SBUS and changed the mode and this worked. Now I’m getting another error, but I’ll open a new topic for that.