quick tuning rover

Is it moving?! I see no movement history (purple trace) on the screen. And it’s still a boat on land, which makes no sense whatsoever.

it is moving in circular motion but while in that motion showing messages increase speed 02<05 like that showing

That’s the script working. Let it go.

after tuning i save the values by using high button in aux function, next i select wave points and then select auto mode for path complete but in that again in message bar its shows tuning and wavepoins reached like that both are running
is any there process after quick tuning to wave points in autopilot mode

while autopilot mode for gps points navigation that time also tuning is running

Turn off QuikTune via the instructions you followed to use it. Again, the answers are all in the documentation.

ok sir gps signal is ok outside but its moving from one place to another place in MP without movement of any changes hardware ( box is stationary) satellites also getting nearly 15 ,what is the issue , we are using here3 gps module