Questions related to Online Dashboard and Remote Connection for UAV

Hi Everyone,
I am working on a project that is mostly remotely operated (Operated from city other than UAV city) and has a minimum remote pilot input. There are few questions related to that:

  • Is there any idea or any pre build system (Like some dashboard) that can be connected with Pixhawk / Ardupilot that allows me to see all data logs / flight details or vehicle state details ? All Online !
  • Is there any way to arm and perform mission through any dashboard or online system ? Like GCS and UAV are remotely placed at any area and controlled all online

Yes, you can use mission planner, or Qgroundcontrol for that purpose.

But you need to connect the UAV to the internet.

On most countries it is not allowed to control the UAV using LTE. So your plan is forbidden in most countries.

Have you informed yourself about this?

There is no issue for the internet as it is easily available at the site where UAV is to be used
But I will need to study about LTE laws for Europe.
Does this sharing (of logs and flight stats) on internet require any extra hardware or can be directly done through Mission Planner or QGC ??


For Europe, USA, and many countries, remote operations like this needs some special assessments and regulations, it is not just LTE laws

Currently not much concerned about laws because we will be testing it other country. Laws and regulations there allow us to test remote operation.
So need to focus on LTE type solution

You will need something like Apsync software running on a companion computer to connect the UAV to the internet via LTE.

On the ground station you just need a normal laptop with LTE connectivity a a Mavlink based GCS software like MissionPlanner or QGroundControl

I have seen a solution UAVcast LTE. Currently what i have read , It seems a good software based solution to my main requirements.
Only extra hardware requirements will be a RPi and wifi dongle

Easiest way is to use zerotier to have the 2 lte connections “see” each other. Almost all 4G connections nowadays are natted so you need a third party server to have the two talk to each other. You can go vpn way having the two connect to a server or have a server helping hole punching.

I tested zerotier in the past years and i had alternate fortunes, some days was working good, some other days was so and so. VPN, if you have your own server somewhere, is faster and you don’t depend on zerotier infrastructure.

There are more advanced LTE architecture with double or triple concurrent links working together, it really depends on budget and type of job you are going to do.

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