Questions regarding SWARM in Mission Planner

I am going to try SWARM with my quadcopters using Mission Planner, and I read about it in the Ardupilot page, although it is not give very clearly given the step by step instructions to execute it. I had some doubts regarding the same and was hoping you could clarify it.

  1. Do we have to use different MHz telemetry for the leader and the follower ?
  2. Does the follower mav flies with MAVlink connection ?
  3. Can we retake control of the follower mav while it is in SWARM ?
  4. Can we assign a switch in the radio controller of the follower to ON and OFF SWARM mode ?
  5. Can we use a USB hub to connect different telemetry in my laptop for connecting the follower and the leader mav ?

I want my quadcopter to lead a rover using SWARM, and there is only video I could find that did that. If anyone could help me with the step by step instructions for my task it would be great!

Hey there – I’m very much interested in that topic too. Did you figure out the answers to your questions?

What copters are you using? Any additional sensors?

Best or luck!