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Questions about pixhack v5


(tridge) #41

For everyone who has a development test PixHackV5, please be careful to check compass orientation with the latest firmware. I have made changes to which I2C bus is considered internal to match the production hardware, and that means the development boards are now incorrect.
Please check that COMPASS_EXTERN2 is set to 0. You may find it gets detected as 1 with the new firmware. This will affect boards that are not oriented in the normal orientation.
Also, I have now added separate builds for the CUAVv5 board type. They will appear in the download directory shortly.

(Liang Tang) #42

Why we always need IO Processor? Main Processor has enough IO port , I think it’s redundant for us.

(Chris Olson) #43

For folks doing dev builds the waf configure command is now:
./waf configure --board CUAVv5

(Hugues) #44

Can anyone summarize what the standard Arducopter firmware support is with this CUAV V5. Can it be loaded on this autopilot or does it still require a special CHIBIOS procedure ? If so, is the CHIBIOS install documented somewhere ?


(Chris Olson) #45

It does not require anything special. The CUAV Pixhack V5 is now in the automatic builds: You automatically get the ChibiOS RTOS by simply downloading the firmware from here:

I was only referring to folks doing development builds for the V5 controller, which I do 2-3 times a day to test different things. End users can simply use the pre-built firmware.

(Hugues) #46

thx. What is the difference between the two files? (i assume a firmware version supporting blHeli ?)


(Chris Olson) #47

Your assumption would be the same as mine, as I don’t know for sure what the “with-bl” is all about.

(Fnoop) #48

_bl is with the bootloader. after flashed once you don’t need it again.