Questions about pixhack v5

For everyone who has a development test PixHackV5, please be careful to check compass orientation with the latest firmware. I have made changes to which I2C bus is considered internal to match the production hardware, and that means the development boards are now incorrect.
Please check that COMPASS_EXTERN2 is set to 0. You may find it gets detected as 1 with the new firmware. This will affect boards that are not oriented in the normal orientation.
Also, I have now added separate builds for the CUAVv5 board type. They will appear in the download directory shortly.

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Why we always need IO Processor? Main Processor has enough IO port , I think it’s redundant for us.

For folks doing dev builds the waf configure command is now:
./waf configure --board CUAVv5

Can anyone summarize what the standard Arducopter firmware support is with this CUAV V5. Can it be loaded on this autopilot or does it still require a special CHIBIOS procedure ? If so, is the CHIBIOS install documented somewhere ?


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It does not require anything special. The CUAV Pixhack V5 is now in the automatic builds: You automatically get the ChibiOS RTOS by simply downloading the firmware from here:

I was only referring to folks doing development builds for the V5 controller, which I do 2-3 times a day to test different things. End users can simply use the pre-built firmware.

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thx. What is the difference between the two files? (i assume a firmware version supporting blHeli ?)


Your assumption would be the same as mine, as I don’t know for sure what the “with-bl” is all about.

_bl is with the bootloader. after flashed once you don’t need it again.

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I just got my Pixhack V5 and connected to MissionPlanner. It was not showing the right parameters so, I figured I would flash the latest firmware. Now, I cannot get the USB port to be recognized. It say setting up PX4 FMU v5x and then fails with USB not recognized. Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW: Windows 10.

Maybe try something here?

Thanks - I had to switch to Linux to recover the board.

Unfortunately, after getting it to boot up, I have 2 dead USARTs and the GPS port does not appear to be working either.

Does anyone know how to get support/warranty replacement/repair from CUAV?

Or, even get in touch with them?

Ron, please download the firmware for it from here for multicopter:

Or here for helicopter:

Install it with QGroundControl. Do NOT use Mission Planner. Your ports will start working again. There is changes in the production hardware vs the Developer Edition V5’s and MP does not install the right firmware in it.

Download the .hex file for QGC.

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I got the firmware reloaded but, the GPS does not show acquisition of any satellites but does blink blue which I believe means 3d fix. Not sure if it’s mission planner which is showing the 3d fix but 0 satellites. I also had to enable GPS_TYPE2 to detect the GPS at all. In addition, the 2 and 3 are dead.

Likely due to the pins being swapped in the Developer Edition vs production hardware. The CUAV V5-specific build should fix that. FMUv5 is for generic V5-spec controllers.

the swapped pins are only on I2C #4, so no GPS involved.

So, I am still in the same place with the V5. The Ublox NEO-M8N will not calibrate no matter what I do. The log shows I am only yawing while, I am moving it along all Axis like I do for many other FCs. The GPS shows 0 satellites but does show 3dfix and blinks blue.

Any suggestions?

I am not sure if anyone from CUAV is checking this forum but I do have a new Pixhack V5 installed on the heli and for some reason the flash light on it has stopped working on its own. I reflash the board and didnt make a change. Everything is working on the FMU but the main led is not. Is there a point that I am missing? does anyone have had similar issue ?

I m adding the picture as there is only a red light coming out from the power connector side. I am not sure if this was like that.