Questions.. about esc, arming, and indoor flying with using pixhawk

Hi guys!!

I have tried make quad copter drone with using pixhawk. I’m planning flying my drone indoor without GPS.
Unfortunately, I am in trouble. So, I have some questions.

  1. Do I need to do ESC calibration every time when I connect the power?
    I know how the ESC calibration do, but I have to do ESC calibration again when I connect the power because the motors
    don’t work.
  2. How to arm after ESC calibration was done?
    Maybe, I realize why the motors didn’t work when I reconnect the power after ESC calibration was done. I guess, I need to arm after reconnecting the power, if I would like to spin the motor. Is this right?
  3. Is this possible flying indoor without GPS?
    I will make a quad copter on pixhawk with using the open sources(ardupilot).
  1. no
  2. as far as I know you have to reboot the AP after calibration and yes, you have to arm it.
  • safety switch
  • throttle down and right
  • if it doesn’t arm check Mission Planner Message
  1. yes. I am also testing indoors. You just can’t arm in flightmodes that require GPS.

Thank you for your answer. Today, We’ve tried to do our first hovering test, but we’ve got some problem. This is the video link that we did the hovering test. ( )
Let me know if you know the problem why the hovering test was failed.
Have a good day~~!!


The spinning might come from wrong motor order.
Check H and X quads have different order.