Question for px4-v2 compilation

Hi, from my observation, its default compiler is gcc-arm-none-eabi.
Then, is there a way to compile px4-v2-quad firmware with LLVM? (not for SITL )
It seems there are options for LLVM compilation. But, I failed.

If it exists, could you provide the exact command?
Note that my target version is the recent version uploaded on git repo.

No, not for PX4 boards.

I appreciate your response.
So… if you are an Ardupilot developer, could you tell me why LLVM does not work?
I need to explain to my colleagues. However, I don’t have good reasons why LLVM is not applicable.

Because it doesn’t support the same options GCC does - and PX4 builds are more complex than all others, multiple places need changes.

Ok thank you for your comment.

I’ve added support for the actual PX4 Firmware using LLVM here:
It shouldn’t be much different to add it into Ardupilot’s build tools. It’s definitely on my todo list, but if you get to it first that’ll be great :slight_smile:

Thank you for your comment. I will try compilation with your work.