Question about cruise_throttle and cruise_speed

Dear all,

I want to ask whether the cruise_throttle and cruise_speed can be set as negative values?
If I do so, I am suspicious that the code can not handle it? Am I right?

The code is as the following:


// estimate maximum vehicle speed (in m/s)
// cruise_speed is in m/s, cruise_throttle should be in the range -1 to +1
float Mode::calc_speed_max(float cruise_speed, float cruise_throttle) const
float speed_max;

// sanity checks
if (cruise_throttle > 1.0f || cruise_throttle < 0.05f) {
    speed_max = cruise_speed;
} else {
    // project vehicle's maximum speed
    speed_max = (1.0f / cruise_throttle) * cruise_speed;

// constrain to 30m/s (108km/h) and return
return constrain_float(speed_max, 0.0f, 30.0f);


Thank you very much for your effort.