Question about creating a follow me drone with a beagglebone blue card

Hey Everybody ,

We want to build a drone follow me with tower . We choose to use the beagglebone blue card. We have alot of questions

How can we do for calibrate all the captor ( gyroscope , gps module , bluetooth module ) ?

Error : 3UPrearm: RC Roll not confiugred3VPreArm: Compass not calibratedpj3WPreArm: Compass not calibrated-3XPreArm: 3D Accel calibration needed3YPreArm: check firmware or FRAME_CLASS3ZPreArm: Throttle below Failsafe [QbO$PUBX,41,1,0023,0001,115200;0*1C

Is there any config file for arducopter so that we could configure the PID ?

and it’s looped

Hello, everything you need is in the wiki, and mores specifically here:

Tanks , is there any wiki for configure the PID ?

Yes… in the wiki :wink:

Hi, sorry for reasking

I have some issues for connecting my BBB on APM Planner, my COM upload port is not found when trying uploading the firmware (usb drivers are installed), i’ve been searching in many topics and guides BeagleBone Blue released, Linux-enabled autopilot for 80$ I can’t find any solution to it.


On the BBB wiki there is a section on how you assign the ArduPilot Serial ports to the BBBB physical UART
Parameter mapping:

start parameter ArduPilot serial port
Check to set the right value for SERIALx_BAUD and SERIALx_PROTOCOL

To connect a MAVLink groundstation with IP add -C udp:

To use MAVLink via radio connected to UART4 add -C /dev/ttyO4.