Question about building the source code

When I build the source code, everything appears to be working fine, however the binary file(s) that I get are different from the ones at My built versions appear to work fine - but I am bothered that I am getting something different from the released binary.

I have tried this with several version (3.6.8, 3.6.7, 3.6.1) and different board types (CubeBlack, fmuv3, px4-v3) and always end up with something slightly different in size that the standard versions.

Any idea what is going on here and what I should be doing (if anything) to correct this? I am wondering if it is an issue where I am not getting the matching version of the submodules for the particular git tag I am trying to build.

Have you matched the compiler versions? tridge did put a chunk of work
into making the builds repeatable.

Thank you for the response.

Which compiler version should it be using for building Copter-3.8.6? It looks like I am using 6.3.1 (arm-none-eabi-g++/gcc).

tridge (and others) have done a tremendous amount of work and I greatly appreciate it. I am sure this is something I’m doing wrong - I just can’t figure out what I am missing yet.