Question about building the arducopter code

So a couple of building questions:

1-From what I read, I go and make a clone of the ardupilot github. The files in the page are constantly being updated, so if I wanted to match the latest stable version or another, how could I do it?

2-Continuing from the last question, is there a way to build the firmware from a beta version?

3-Does someone have a list of all the files/folders that are used to build the arducopter?

  1. git pull origin && git rebase

  2. yes: git chackout beta-version-tag; git submodule update --init --recursive; ./waf copter

  3. ALL github files are required.

Hi thank you for answering.
Another question, about the beta version, I am looking for a specific beta version from 4.1.0, so with what you answered from question 2, that gets the latest beta version or could I specify which beta version I want?

Yes you can select exactly what version to use in the tag label of the checkout command.

But…. There is absolutely no intelligent reason not to use ArduCopter 4.1.1-rc1 or even better the Copter-4.1 branch.

The reason I want it’s because I want do a backup. This version, 4.1.0 beta5 works perfectly well so far, so I want to do a backup just in case when I use the latest stable does not work well.

I searched in the tags section, I can only find the ArduCopter Beta, but the version is Copter: version 4.1.1-rc1.

So there is no way to get to 4.1.0 beta5 if there is not tag for it?

I believe the tags for betas get deleted so as not to clog up things? In your logs there should be message that lists the firmware version and a Git SHA1. I’d try to find that SHA1 in the Git tree and you will likely be at the right spot and see it in the commits message.

But as suggested best to just get on to the stable version.