Quadplane Vtol ESC failure tolerant setup

I thought i saw somewhere that someone had developed a system or FW that enabled a quadplane to be fault tolerant with one ESC fail.
Is this enabled in FW4.4 or is it still being developed?


You could always set it up as an X8, with 8 ESCs and 8 motors, with two motors on each arm. That way if an ESC dies the other motor on that arm will automatically try to compensate.

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Yes, of course this is the hardware solution and I fully endorse this method but Im looking for the thread where someone or some company has developed a system that is a quad but can still fly with three motors only.

In theory it could be done if the ESCs and props were capable of bidirectional operation (usually used for 3D flying) BLHeli_32 ESCs can do this, but I don’t know if ArduPilot is able to take advantage of it.

I think you are talking about the Arace Griffen Pro


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