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QuadPlane Conversion of Hobby King Bix3 Trainer

(Greg Covey) #62

I have continued my Bix3 conversion thread here using Plane v3.8 firmware.

(Syariff Hidayatullah) #63

hai gregā€¦i thought that the bix3 motor only support 3cellsā€¦

did u always full throttle or notā€¦and is there any limitation for that bix3 motorā€¦ im still afraid to use 4cells lipo batt coz i read that the bix3 motor only support 3cellsā€¦

(Greg Covey) #64

It worked on 4s for a season and was long enough to prove performance. The throttle was usually around 50% and there is good airflow around it. The stock motor quality is low and you have to deal with a cheap prop adapter so an upgrade like I did on the v3.8 thread extension link may be needed eventually.

(Syariff Hidayatullah) #65

how you setting the transition between quad n fixwingā€¦

(Greg Covey) #66

I typically change the flight mode from QSTABILIZE (or QHOVER) to FWBA (or CRUISE). I never use QLOITER except for initial quad testing to verify the BARO and GPS performance.

(Syariff Hidayatullah) #67

okayā€¦thanks a lot manā€¦appreciate ur replying my question.