QuadPlane Conversion of Hobby King Bix3 Trainer (cont.)

Yes, using an AS sensor can help to keep the plane from stalling when the wind is coming from behind. If there is no wind, then there is little difference.

i have done doing VTOL…but still afraid to fly it coz of weight is 1.82kg…im using 3cells of brushless motor…which is 1100kV for quad n plane…

is it posibble to fly with 1.8kg weight?

Mine weighs about 58oz or 1.64kg so you are probably ok.

Remember that for a VTOL, your bailout or emergency mode is a hover mode like QSTABILIZE. On my transmitter, I set up my modes so that QSTABILIZE or QHOVER is easy to access. So on a calmer day, get the plane up high and switch it to FBWA mode. It will hopefully fly fine. If not, switch back to QSTABILIZE or QHOVER. Once you feel comfortable with your bailout or emergency mode technique, your fears will go away.

Good luck!

alright, tomorrow i will try to fly it…hopefully its okay.

Thanks a lots GreyCovey.

hai greycovey…
why my throttle delay when i do the transition from quad to plane…both motor while turn off for a while during transition…


I am not sure what you mean. The motors should not turn off.

Perhaps you can post a log or your .param file? Have you changed Q_ASSIST_SPEED from 0 back to 9 or 10?


i didnt try it to changed Q_Assist_Speed from ) to 9 or 10…
i’ll try it first then i will communicate with u back…

I tested my Bix3 QuadPlane new forward flight power system in some stiff 15mph winds. It flew great! The QP had enough power in both QSTABILIZE and FBWA modes to combat the high winds.


I received my Arkbird 2-Axis Mini Gimbal FPV Camera from Banggood and the initial bench tests showed that everything seems to be working well. I mounted it on my Bix3 FPV pod with an ImmersionRC 5.8GHz transmitter. It connects to my FrSky X8R receiver via the SBUS. Since I am running a 4s pack on my Bix3 QuadPlane, I use a Quanum 12v regulator to feed the gimbal and video transmitter.

I mounted the 80g Arkbird 2K Camera with 2-axis gimbal on my Bix3 QuadPlane. Also connected was the PWM controls for pitch and video on/off. I left the Bix3 nose in the view because I could see enough sky and it was interesting to see the pitch/roll compensation in action. I am happy with the performance of the gimbal and clarity of the video in my ground station monitor or goggles. It has been very easy to use!

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Hi Greg, do you have a source for the motor mounts you’re using on the ends of the carbon fiber square tubes? Thanks

Hi Dave,

That was a long time ago. I simply used the same x-mount that fit on the iPower 2212 1000kv motors. The first post in this thread links back to part 1 of my conversion.

I’m not sure who sells iPower motors anymore but you could use a SunnySky X2212 980kv Brushless Motor and buy an extra 22 Series Accessory kit for each motor. Other places like Banggood or RaceDayQuads may sell something to use as well.

Good luck!

Thanks for the timely and informative reply Greg and for all the time you put in to documenting your projects!

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