Quadcopter wobbling

good morning everyone
i made a quadcoper with tow of 3kg using pixhawk cube orange and done intitial tune paramters , but still my drone is wobbling heavily while landing and desired and actual value is not great , can somebody help me to tune it further , i dont want to do autotune , becoz all the previous model i made were crashed during autotune , the propeller size is 15 inch ,13600mah lipo battery . thank you


Can’t help you without a log file. Share a .bin of the flight otherwise we’re just guessing.

attached the log sir

You’re flying on a default tune. So flying auto missions is risky and foolish.

The best advice is to follow How to methodically configure and tune any ArduCopter.

You have not followed even the basic tuning instructions on the wiki: Initial Tuning Flight — Copter documentation

If you had: the notch filter would be set up correctly, the control rates would have been under control, and you would have been able to perform a tuning.

Follow the instructions I’ve linked to you here. There is no reason why a properly built quad of that size can’t be autotuned if you follow the instructions and documentation provided.

VTOL Quicktune Script

@xfacta just pointing to quicktune is in this case not a good advice, lots of other settings are incorrect and gives the user the false idea that there is a quick fix.

There are no free meals. Tune it properly and it will work properly.
Do a sloppy job, take shortcuts, be lazy and get a lousy vehicle.

This is the message users should get from us. It will save everyone a ton of time and money