Quadcopter unstability in land mode

Hi every one… I have a problem with my arducopter
4.0.3 in land.
copter flying good but in land the oscillation starting… any soultions

Post a .bin log file for help. And a description of the craft and it’s components might help.

this is the bin log

The tune is bad on this craft. I suppose this is a large quad? Even if it is I can’t imagine why you would have the INS_GYRO and ACCEL filters at 10Hz. It looks like you changed some tune parameters and left others at default. You don’t have battery logging and you haven’t set MOT_BAT_VOLT_MAX/MIN so no idea what battery power you are using.

On top of that your Vibe levels are very high with a huge clipping count on all axis (48,000 events on Z) by time you completed these flights.

Again, describe the craft and it’s components.

Yeah you’re right. This is the large copter. T motor U13 100 kv, Flame esc 100 A, prop 30*10.5… The battery 2 pcs 30000 mah 6s -total 30000 mah 12s-. About params yes I changed INS and GYRO filters because my copter not stability in Loiter, auto and RTL modes.

I would set those both back to default (20Hz). But the vibration levels on this craft are extreme, you need to deal with that 1st.

OK I’ll change it to 20 Hz and I’ll fix vibe issue. Then I’ll tell you the response