Quadcopter, problem with Motor Test Arducopter 3.5

System is calibrated and setup, PC is hooked up to the PH21 via USB, plus battery is plugged in. I am having an issue running the motor test in through MissionPlanner. When i I hit any of the test motor buttons nothing happens (motors do not spin).

Although when I arm the system via RC (and hitting safety button on copter), I can apply thrust and the motors do spin (speed proportional to the amount of thrust I give it via the RC Transmitter).

My setup: Pixhawk 2.1 (firmware, DJI E305 Tuned Propulsion, 3DR Telemetry Radio set, Usmile PPM encoder, 3S LiPo 5500mAH, …

Any ideas why this would be so?


I have the similar problem using Pixracer.

Single motor tests are works well (i.e. “Test motor A”, “Test motor B” and so on)

But the following work incorrectly:
“Tests all motors” - only A and D runs.
“Test all in a sequence” - no one run.

Motors also seems to work normally when armed.

You have to up the % of power applied.Stock is 5% which won’t move many motors.I have some that start moving at 7-8% but others that need 10% or more to even twitch.

Unfortunately this isn’t a cause, I’ve tried up to 20% power.
All motors starts fine with 5% when testing them separately.
Problem is only when testing them all at once

I will try this on Copter 3.4 to see if this a FW or HW problem.

I’ve had installations where Test All Motors works fine but I have never managed to get Test All Motors In Sequence to work, ever.

I only use this to test the correct rotation of the motors anyway.If it works individually that will do the job.

No idea if it’s software or hardware related.