Quadcopter not arming


I am using APM Copter PX4 for my Quadcopter.

Modes - RTL, Alt hold, Pos hold

Throttle failsafe at 973

After arming it, the HUD shows DISARMED. When I try to operate the motors, HUD shows an error messge

  1. Throttle below FS value - Solution - I increased the throttle slightly above the FS value.

  2. GPS and AHRS differs by 14 (value changes everytime I try to arm)

  3. No RC Receiver - But everything seems to be operating as when I change the modes, it gives a beep sound. Receiver is Bind with Tx and it shows LED status Green.

Any possible solutions for all the errors?

Thank you in advance

It sounds like you haven’t done radio calibration properly. (1 and 3)
and (2) indicates you don’t have a good GPS signal

Thank you for your response.

I will recalibrate the Radio. Either it flashes GREEN or gets a Solid GREEN on Pixhawk/APMCopter.