Quadcopter In-flight flip-over in alt-hold mode. Please help with analyzing the log

Here is the bin file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uUNAQl88tSs30I_kdl_EaCLPkUgo9sgI/view?usp=sharing
I use a Radiolink Pixhawk 2.4.8

Does this craft have enough thrust to take-off? Describe the components and the take-off weight (with battery). You don’t have battery logging which can help and is required for motor thrust scaling.

The craft weights about 3.2kilograms and capable of creating a lift of 7~8kilograms. I have had quiete a few succesfull flights with it. I will take o look at the battery logs and let you know if it does the same thing again with battery logs set up.

It has 4 Sunnysky X2814 brushless motors and ZTW 40A Esc’s. They are powered by a 4s 4200mAh battery and a matek fc-hub power card.

With what props?

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Which analysis tool software do you use to review the bin file

Mission Planner

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