Quadcopter drifting quickly after takeoff

He almost never left the ground.
I will remove the cage to protect it and I will redo the accelerometer calibration. I will post a screenshot of apm planner too.

I have redone an accelerometer calibration

it moves on the sides so I can’t make it take off too much …

The log is

That’s looking much better. Pitch is near zero and the motor outputs are reasonable. They won’t be equal if one has a different kV than the other 3. You should replace the other 3 but I suppose I would take it outside and hover in Stabilize then try AltHold. Do you have GPS? I can’t tell, that logging option is not enabled.

I don’t have GPS.
Would it be really better with all the same motors ?

Yes, I think it would. I see now you have disabled all arming checks I suppose because of no GPS. You would be better off just disabling the GPS lock check and keeping the others on.

Sir I think it’s not really appreciate because my last experiment is doing and I’m successful on my experiment.

There is 2 green motor is 2300kv and 2 red motor is 2550kv also different props (high pitch also low pitch 【new , old】)

  1. 1st experiment is stable the quad. With different kv motor (props are same on all motors)

  2. 2nd experiment is change props and try it and 2nd time succes. (Differents props on all motors)

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

I have seen little evidence of good flight characteristics from any craft you have posted about and I would not suggest such a configuration.

Firstly I’m Scarry about 2 is high kv and 2 is low motor and rpm and etc etc … But when I arm my copter then all scarry is outdated and try to stable my copter.
Stablize mode :- Once I rise a throttle then 1 side down my quad (no any tune) but when I’m quickly rise up throttle to 50up percentage its flying no drifting (little bit nearly 20 to 30cm)

althold mode :- work completely but more area to recover stable position (drifting like a 2 meters to recover stable position)

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

Will do :slight_smile:
I will try to have the same motors.
Many thanks for your support !

I am amazed that you can keep it in the air with having a different motor on one leg could you not locate another motor that’s the same spec.
How much does the frame weigh compared to the model I bet it cuts down on your flight time.

Good luck finding a motor that’s the same as the one that died and getting it to fly correctly.
Regards Poppy Ann

I have just replaced the motor to have all the same.
Have to test outside at the end of the afternoon …
Hope I won’t break anything :slight_smile:

Breaking things is expected in this hobby.

You are right

I have tried outside but it goes ahead and it lost a propeller just after take off.


I hope is it correctly :grin:

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face: