Quadcopter crash to right side, despite proper calibration

I’m facing a problem with my pixhawk quadcopter from aliexpress
After successful calibration when I try to take off, it instantly crashes on the right side (even with full left side joystick inclination). I have tested it on both PX4(1.8.2) and Ardupilot (3.6). Here is a video of this behavior.
And here is also the analyze of M1:port0_SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW.servo1-9_raw I’m not sure if this constant splitting up is ok. (It’s tested without propellers)
Here is also one video of the inconsistant motor starting
Do you have any ideas where should I start my investigation?

The problem could be a lot of things. Most likely your copter is not set up right. Is the flight controller facing the right direction and are all the motors and plugged into the right channels. It’s herd to tell from your video, but it looks like it’s tipping to the left assuming the red arms are on the front. If motors are on the right channels and the props are all spinning the correct direction, then it could be integrator build up if you don’t take of quickly after arming. If the copter is sitting on the ground while armed is is trying to stabilize/level its self then the i term will build up and when it finally does lift off the motors are unbalanced. This is the spreading you see on you motor outputs from you test. Take off in alt hold or loiter and when you arm go to half throttle and get flying. Don’t try to sneak up on your take off. Arm and go now. Good luck!

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That is usually motor order incorrect, or motor spin direction.
Really go over the motor order and spin diagram and test with props off. Use some tape on the motor shaft, leave a bit of tape sticking out, to easily see it spinning. Then you’ve got to make sure the props go on so they spin in the correct direction.
All rookie errors, easy to do…

Make note that the motor test in MissionPlanner is different to the wiring and motor numbering everywhere else.


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