Quadcopter automatically orbits on its axis after takeoff

When I am taking off my Drone. It starts orbiting around the takeoff point like Earth around sun. Anyone have any idea what’s the problem?

Many problems / causes for that.
Please submit the .bin file so we can analyse it and see what is causing this.

Here is the bin file

Setup battery monitoring. Voltage and Current. Then you can take full advantage of Magfit and COMPASS_MOT.

The tuning is still on defaults. Is this a first flight? If so, you shouldn’t be using loiter mode until you’ve got at least some of the tuning done.

How to do basic tuning sir?. I don’t know how to do pid tuning specially.

You have some reading to do:


Yes, there’s a lot there. Start at the beginning and don’t skip steps. And get the current/voltage sensing working.

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Thanks sir… sir what’s the purpose of “Calibrate Level” and “Simple Accel calibration” in Setup - accel calibration

It’s a calibration done with mission planner connected to the flight controller

Use neither of those. Use the min/max 3-axis function.