Quad wont rearm after landing

I m using omnibus f4 v2 pro flight controller with ublox m8n it flies
pretty good and also doing pos hold and circle mode great but after i fly it for couple of minutes and land first of all it wont disarm manually it will do that automatically and with combination of beeps which is not normal and after that if i try to rearm it gives one short and one long beep and wont arm whatsoever until i remove the battery and reboot whole system then it will arm and the cycle continues
I m getting good gps lock more then 14 satellites good hddop too and compass and everything has been calibrated multiple times and still i face this issue of not arming can anyone help me on this
I m using latest stable version of arducopter too

We need logs, and videos.

How can i use log, yhis board do have sd card but i m afraid turning thst logs feature on May crash it or can introduce some kind of conflict in the system can u confirm

I can confirm that it will not “crash or introduce some kind of conflict”

Logs are like a black box recorder. The copter will not crash because you turn the black box recorder on.

My flight controller which is omnibus f4 pro v2 is not official ardupilot controller which might have some limitations using l will try Turning on logs

did you port the hw_def.dat file yourself?

No sir i dont knwo what u talking about

If you got the firmware from firmware.ardupilot.org why do you say it “is not official ardupilot controller” ?

I mean its not focused for ardupiloter its manily used on mini quads but it can run ardupilot thnx to some developers maybe that y i was suspecting tit might have conflict because i m using dsshot600 too i m afraid turning so mamy features on can ruin the system

I now checked in mission planner it says pre arm logging failed

Then logging is enabled. Disable it.

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